3 ways to make your home smell amazing


I’ve learned a lot of things ever since I moved out of my parents’ place, and one of them is related to methods that I can use to make my apartment smell good. What bothered me right after having rented it was the fact that it didn’t feel like home. I don’t know if the people who had lived there had been old or had owned old stuff, but the fact is that I couldn’t use any odorizer to get rid of that pesky scent. It got so bad that I couldn’t even face the idea of sleeping at my place.

I did a bit of research and today, I am going to share with you three major things that have helped me with this problem.



Start out by cleaning everything, and I do mean absolutely everything

So there was old furniture in my apartment I couldn’t possibly get rid of, but I could use some tips and tricks to get rid of or at least improve its smell. The first thing that I did was concoct a solution composed of part water and part vinegar to make sure that I disinfected every surface in the place.

Luckily for me, my clothes were still packed, so they didn’t get to suffer from the scent contagion. I used that vinegar solution absolutely everywhere, and by this I mean that I wiped every surface on and in the furniture. I even added a bit of lemon to it to spice things up. You know they say that cleanliness is godliness, and I’m definitely a fan of that saying.


Don’t be afraid to use air fresheners, be they homemade or store-bought

YouTube has done wonders for me in recent years, in that I learned a lot of things using this platform. One of the channels I was lucky enough to come across is Rachel Talbott’s. This lovely lady creates a plethora of home-related videos, from those pertaining to summer snacks for kids to implementing healthy self-care habits and DIY projects. I strongly recommend checking her videos out, and that’s because she genuinely has pieces of advice for folks who want to learn how to manage their living space, clean it, and live as healthy and happy as possible.

It’s one of her videos that has taught me how to make a homemade air freshener. All you need is some water and a little bit of essential oil of your choosing. Of course, this method might not work if the essential oil isn’t of a particularly high quality.



Get rid of your garbage regularly and let the outside in

One of the things I like to do right early in the morning when I get up is open all of the windows in my apartment. I even do some breathing exercises and they help me start my day better. My point is that you should try to do the same or at least find a way to bring nature into your home. You could at least get some potted herbs like rosemary, oregano, or even lavender and use them in your food. You wouldn’t believe how nice they smell when you rub their leaves between fingers.