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5 Trends in Bathroom Retreats

Though overall renovation budgets may still be on the wane, master ensuites seem to be one place where compromise and economy are secondary to luxe finishes. Hotel inspiration is common, with features such as TVs integrated in mirrors, door-less showers, and ultra high-end finishes being coveted.

The Personal Spa

More than anything else, this space is a retreat. And it is being outfitted accordingly. That may be as simple as heated floors and towel warmers, particularly in colder climates. It might also include a multi-functional toilet that is not only a bidet, but as a music control centre. Or is might expand to include a massage table.

Natural Materials

Combining multiple materials in unique and different ways has become somewhat the norm. Teak and/or Ipe are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use and mix beautifully with natural stone elements to create a strong visual impact.

Vantage Point

Views are just as important here as they are elsewhere in the home. When privacy is not a concern, windows are left bare and showers can be more open. Trench drains are being introduced in stunning designs and materials, so the need for visual separation has been eliminated.

Standalone Tubs

Even in cases where a tub is never used, homeowners are opting to include standalone tubs as a focal point and to create a strong design statement. Materials are diverse – from standard ceramics to stone, metal, or even glass – and shapes are more sculptural. There is definitely something for every taste and budget.

Lights. Lights. And More Lights.

Multiple light sources are especially important in the bathroom, particularly around the vanity. Pot lights, wall sconces, and even chandeliers are nothing new within bathrooms. But faucets offering chromotherapy are being introduced more often, as are wall and floor tiles that feature LED lighting. Some manufacturers are also using LEDs in the back of vanity mirrors in order to eliminate glare and shadows.