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Decorating Ideas: The New Whites

They are clean and can make a room fell more spacious – the latest ways with shades of white equal cozy rather then chilly.

White is a classic choice for interiors, and can make rooms feel open, spacious, calm and tranquil -just think of starched, brilliant-white sheets and freshly painted walls. It’s a look that’s effortlessly chic and luxurious. However, getting and all-white scheme to work can be very difficult. If you pick the wrong tone of white you room can fell cold and uninteresting so be carefully if you choose you color tone.

White is a popular color choice for kitchen and bathrooms because it makes them look clean and cool. Here is how to warm it up in other rooms

Up-to-date Classic

Strike a balance between old and new with classic pieces of furniture and soft furnishing in the very latest colors and design. Solid wood furniture is built to last, so it is a great investment.

Choose a simple style and it will work with new trends. Red and cream is a tried and tested color combination that can be brought up to the minute by picking a vibrant scarlet shade.

Sleek and Contemporary

The latest monochromes don’t have to look cold and unappealing. Choose the right shades of grey, black and silver for a style the overflows with sophistication.

Hotel room are good for inspiration so that you can achieve a modern, five-star look with symmetrical styling and tactile fabrics like wool, silk and suede in plain paints.

Soft Spring Pastels

Pastels have always been a popular choice, and they are an easy scheme to put together. This palette is great for making rooms fell more spacious but without careful planning, the look can border on bland.

This season however, you can be confident with bolder shades such as coral, duck egg blue and lilac. Rather than keeping safe with a mere whisper of color, these shades will give room schemes depth and interest.

For a sophisticated look, co-ordinate your favorite, paler shades such as power pink and light blues, and pile up the texture with velvet, mohair and suede for the ultimate in luxury.

Give character to soft pastel schemes by introducing patterned wall coverings. An feather-motif wallpaper can set the tone for a restful bedroom, while soft shades and calming tones of lilac can provide a soothing atmosphere.

Add definition with traditional chalky-white furniture to keep overall scheme light and airy. A velvet lilac carpet adds depth to the fell of the room.

Gorgeous Baby Blue

Create a bathroom that is invigorating, yet soft enough to relax in with this newest combination of crisp green and baby blue.

Choose two central colors then add lively patterned accessories, in deeper or lighter shades, for extra interest and the latest mix and match effect.

For an indulgent alternative to hard flooring, soft carpet in a natural shade holds the scheme together.