Getting The Water Out of The Cottage

Well….I guess I am not as smart as I think I am…Here I go, writing posts telling you all how to disconnect the water and winterize your cottages, holding myself out to be some kind of cottage handyman. Yup….except something has been nagging me all week, something about the cottage and something I forgot to do when I took the water off last week. I remembered this morning. I didn’t take the water out of the toilet bowl and tank. Uh-oh…dumb…

So I am off to the cottage this morning to do that. I’m not panicked because I know it hasn’t been cold enough to cause a big problem like a cracked bowl or tank, but it could have been or I could have forgotten completely which would have surely resulted in a frozen cracked toilet.

The easiest way to get the water out of a toilet tank and bowl is to shut the water off, and then flush the toilet. That gets rid of most of the water in the tank, displacing it to the bowl. Then I like to use one of these Wilma All Purpose Siphon Pump’s

Little Gadget

This little gadget makes getting the remaining water in the tank and bowl out easily, into a bucket which I can throw outside. Then I use a sponge to wipe up the remaining water and finally an old rag or towel to fully dry the tank and bowl. I had a bowl freeze and crack once and I don’t want to have to go to the expense and bother of replacing another one. Besides, a cracked bowl can be very dangerous if you sit down and it breaks….not to mention embarrassing….and potentially messy….

*Up Date* My wife and I made a trip to the cottage today and drained the water from the toilet, and I would say just in time. Man…was that water cold….here is a picture of my apparatus for draining it. One little problem I did encounter though…my bucket had a hole in it….Aha…that was a bit of a boo-boo….

LMAO it’s not every day that you get to look down into someone’s toilet is it? We have no boundaries and apparently no couch here at The Cottage Chronicles…..

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