How to organize your living space efficiently and conveniently


Room organization can be a challenging task if you haven’t tried it before. I know a lot of my friends have a hard time organizing their stuff, especially if they live in small rented apartments that never seem to have enough room for their personal belongings.

I like a bit of variety and vivid colors, but I hate untidy spaces. If my desk is filled with pens, chewing gum, perhaps one cup of coffee I’ve finished and never took to the kitchen sink, and some other things, I cannot concentrate on what I have to do that day. Most of my buddies aren’t like this and I definitely have nothing against people who say that they prefer a bit of mess as it helps them stay creative.

For me, though, that’s never worked. So, whenever I start to reorganize my living space, I usually take everything out and place it on the floor per categories. Then, I start looking for things that I don’t really use and can give away. This includes anything from clothes, cosmetics, and shoes, to notebooks and agendas I purchased five years ago and will never get to fill up with notes.

Next, I put items that are alike together and place them in the same cabinets or drawers. Organizing my pantry is one of my favorite things to do whenever I have a bit of spare time. I always check for the ingredients to see whether I risk being left without flour, rice, quinoa, and various other things I utilize on a regular basis.

Labeling isn’t really for me because I usually remember what I put in those compartments. Nevertheless, not all people live alone, so labels do come in handy if you want your husband to bring you that thing you’ve placed in a particular basket from a particular part of your kitchen.

Something I found challenging at the beginning of my organizational adventures was putting everything back in the right place. My boyfriend seems to have a problem in this sense, which is to say that whenever he uses something, he leaves it on the kitchen table. This includes packets from snacks.

I’ve been looking into minimalism for several months now. On the one hand, I want to stop buying useless kitchen appliances because apparently, I am addicted to them. On the other, I don’t want to get attached to things; I want to get attached to people and live experiences instead of raising money to purchase this or that.

That’s why once in a while, I organize giveaways or simply ask some of my Facebook friends whether they need one item or the other.