Winter Weekend At The Cottage

Hey Campers! We’re just back from another great winter weekend at the cottage! That’s twice this winter, and they keep getting better each time. The weather cooperated, cold, but sunny with not too much wind, no snowstorms to speak of, and lot’s of stuff to do! Of course they all involve survival….by that I mean, at the camp in winter you need to get a supply of water, and a supply of firewood.

That takes a good bit of time. So do other chores, like keeping water hot on the wood stove for washing, and for dishes etc. Everything becomes a little more difficult without running water. Not insurmountable, just more difficult. Of course it’s cold too, so keeping the wood stove burning takes some attention, especially early in the morning, when the fire has gone out overnight, and the place starts to cool off. That’s when I sure appreciate that electric blanket !

Last weekend was a big 4 wheeler / snowmobile rally on the lake, with apparently hundreds of machines running up and down the ice and over the trails. We missed that, this weekend there were some ATV’s and snowmobiles going past the camp out on the lake, but not very many. I got a few pics and even a video a snowmobile that was really cooking as he went by, I guess he didn’t want to be on the ice any longer than necessary…..As soon as I figure out how to upload it, I will put it on for ya!

As I mentioned, the weather cooperated so Doug and I went back into the logging business, cutting some more trees, one big one that got hung up….kind of exciting for few minutes, then we got a good old brush fire going and burned up the slash and branches. Really got a lot of it cleaned up, which was good because otherwise I worry that it will become a fire hazard in the warmer months.

Outdoor Fires

There is nothing like a outdoor fire on a nice winter day. I love it, plus, it gets rid of so much of the old branches and stuff that won’t make it to the wood stove. And speaking of the wood stove, my woodpile is growing, next trip we will be cutting this up and splitting it.

One thing about having a place on a lake, the scene before you is always changing, the seasons bring a different view of the same water. This time it is the ice, and the shadows.

I have to be honest, I much prefer the above view when it is water instead of ice, but it is beautiful nonetheless. I’m posting a few more pics from this weekend on The Cottage Chronicles Photo Blog

If this works…here is a video of a big old spruce tree that I cut down, only trouble was, it got hung up in some other trees….a conundrum….As I stood looking at it, wondering my next plan, it starting breaking off branches, as the wind moved it a bit I guess….unfortunately this video doesn’t really do it justice, and I had to stop videoing when we cut it through to get it to fall the rest of the way. A big old tree…..Hated to cut it down, but it was becoming too big, and if it had of uprooted, it would have been a mess.

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